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Please pray with us that the needed finances are manifested soon. To God be the glory!

(NOTE: Thanks to those of you who have helped us get some of the equipment we've posted in the past. We appreciate each of you so very much.)

We are currently on television several times a week on several stations and networks. While we've been given a very good opportunity, the production cost is a need, so please pray that all the needs are met.

Here are a few:

WGCT TV8 39.5 Columbus
WOCB TV 39.5 Delaware
WOCB TV 39.5 Kenton
WXCB TV 39.5 Marion

Currently, by faith, we committed to TV spots for the next year. If the Lord would lead you to help with the financing of these spots, it would be greatly appreciated. We've received great pricing on these spots, which run $1200/month regularly, and we've got them for $500/month. If the Lord leads you to make a one time donation, or a monthly commitment, please communicate that to us through our contact page. 

  - India's First Christ Centered Family Friendly Channel

Apple TV
Samsung Smart TV


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When will the Rapture take place???

What does the Bible say about thousands missing from the earth???

Will American become a third world country after the Christians are gone???

September 8,  2014

The donations you give is a great cause to share God's Word directly with your ... Now you can share God's salvation with people you never ever known in our TV Ministries To But The Word Out.....

David Yonggi Cho, founder of South Korea's Yoido Full GospelChurch